CP Powders Sdn Bhd is incorporated in Malaysia in year 2007 with its first factory located in Shah Alam, Selangor a fully developed industrial center just west of Kuala Lumpur. We supply POLYMER POWDERS mainly to ROTOMOULDING INDUSTRY. We had wide range of high quality powders and custom made specialty powders that come with standard colours, tank colours, special effect colours or customized colours. Our team with 30 over years broad-based expertise and experienced in Rotomoulding Industry classified as Global Rotomoulding Specialist, we strive to be rotomoulding industry focus and had established a good reputation for innovative, high quality & value and also End User Oriented.

Since we are grinding and pulverizing specialist, we do provide size reduction tooling services to those industries that required polymer in “powder form” such like engineering plastic manufacturer, carpet backing manufacturer, fiber web napkin process and powder coating industries.

Company Expansion : As the business had grown rapidly we had to have another bigger plant to support the business growth to fulfill the market requirement and a new Laboratory for Research & Development to develop new generation materials and to provide customer technical support.

We had invested the second factory with larger buildings, fully concrete and completely refurbished. It will gives us the space we need and more importantly unlimited electrical power which allow us to increase greatly our compounding and grinding capacity. On the production side we had installed an additional high capacity large 150mm extruder with output 1500Kg/hr made in Australia from the best extruder maker in the region and top in Australia. The screw profile has been made specifically to achieve a good dispersion for colouring and additives and is ideal for quick colour runs. We have also installed and commissioned a few additional state-of-the-art high output grinding system. The additional capacity is TRIPLE the existing, these will help us grow sales, expand our economies of scale and shorten lead times. We declare “2015 EXPORT YEAR” for CP POWDERS. This new factory located inside the Port Klang area (The Biggest Port in the Country) and our head office had also moved to this new plant to support large size of international markets and is ideal for easy shipment to most destinations around the world.

One Stop Centre : with the vast capability that we had in our team and to further support the Rotomoulding Industry to provide ONE STOP SOLUTION to the customers. CP Powders Sdn Bhd had two more division called CP Metalmould Sdn Bhd and CP Colour Masterbatch Sdn Bhd.

CP Metalmould Division : This division specialized in sheet metal mould fabrication for Rotomoulding Industry. We provide total mould making solutions such as design, development, and construction of wide range of best-in-class metal moulds. We would claimed that we are the “best metal mould maker in Malaysia”. [Click Here To Visit CP Metalmould Division]

CP Colour Masterbatch Division : Initially we(CP Powders) purchase all our colourant or masterbatches from outside suppliers (even from well-known international company) but their quality is not up to our expectation and not consistent because the supplier just unable to understand our specific high quality requirement for Rotomoulding Industry. Hence we had developed our own In-House Colour Matching and In-House Colour Masterbatch Manufacturing. We had a well experienced colour matcher team which had more than 20 years colour matching experience from an international company. Since then we had resolved all our colour issues and with the highest colour’s quality. We proudly said “Match the way you want it, you will get it the same day” with no waiting, no minimum size and no big deal for any colours. [Click Here To Visit CP Colour Masterbatch Division]


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Business Philosophy
We are committed to produce and market high quality products with the most cost effective technology.

Vision :
To be a market leader and preeminent global manufacturer in producing and supplying high quality rotomoulding powders in the Asia region.

Our Principles :

“Local Price, World Class Quality”.