The Most Highest Quality Powder In Market

CP Powders is the most complete and trusted powder provider.

CP Powders produces a wide range of high quality Rotational Moulding (PE) powders through specialized melt compounding, pulverizing and ultra high speed mixing process. Our various rotomoulding grades were built to meet rotomoulders end products application.

The raw material are source locally for cost competitive and also source from oversea for specialty grades such as Hexene and Octene polymer and also Metallocene polymer for demanding application such as white water kayak.

Our specialty high quality powders are built for multi colours, stone effect colours and with superior heat stability, weather and light fastness.

Our powders were made through very efficient process flow and stringent quality control gate start with the selection of high quality resin and additives in order to produce consistently high quality powders to meet our customer’s requirements and expectation.

PE FOAMINGpe-forming-v3

Specialised Grades are developed for niche markets: we have Polyethylene Foam Grade for products that required structural enhancement or weight reduction such as kayak and cooler boxes. Grades F2, F4 and F8 are standard choices available depending on the customer’s required foam’s density. F2 with lower expansion rate and F8 is the highest expanding ratio.

Our competitive edge lies in providing customization to meet customers’ requirements (such as special colours, enhanced polymers properties and specific processing requirement) and yet remain cost competitive to meet nowadays market trend. Our team had 30 over year broad-based expertise and experienced in Rotomoulding Industry classified as global rotomoulding specialist, we strive to be rotomoulding industry focus and have established a good reputation for innovative, high quality & value and end user oriented.

Technical Support : Beside supplying colour powders and colour masterbatch we are also a mould maker that focus only for rotomoulding industry. We are proudly to say we are the only one company if not in the world that can provide such a complete services to rotational moulding industry. Technically we are One-Stop-Supplier that back up by our technical support team with an outstanding vast hands on rotomoulding experience areas include moulding, mould construction, process improvement and materials property. We are capable to provide customers with consultation with regards to the choice of best suited solutions and process training (mould releases, mould bracing, mould parting, mould material).

Custom Grinding Services or Polymer Size Reduction Services : As a grinding expert we do provide size reduction services with an affordable and fast solution for reducing your larger feed stocks resin into powders that meet your specifications for particle size and particle size distribution and specific powder flow characteristics.  With our vast grinding experience we know what and when to suggest the powder standard to get the most value for your processing investments. Polymer such like GPPS, HIPS, Nylon, ABS, PBT, SAN-C, PC, PET, PMMA, PP, EVA, LDPE, HDPE etc. are common to us for grinding that supply into engineering plastic compound, carpet backing and masterbatch industry.

Having the latest pulverizing technology we are able to grind fine powders for metal coating industry. We had developed a complete range of Fluidised Bed grade for metal coating industry which requires fine powders of good quality to ensure the best product coverage and lasting finishes on items such as fridge shelving, basket, airers and electric fence posts. We are also supplying ultra fine powder meant for fiber web napkin adhesion processing where the finest and ultra-flow material characteristic is required.