CP Colour Masterbatch a wide range of masterbatches containing special additives to improve and modify the properties of polymers. We produce filler/anti-fibriliating masterbatches for Woven Sacks, Slip and Anti-slip masterbatches, Foaming and Anti-foaming masterbatches etc.

The main chemical is titanium dioxide for its special properties such as average particle size (.19 to 0.22 micron), high refractive index etc. White masterbatches are highly dispersible and have high opacity strength with the minimum level of uses. These can be used in extrusion, mouldings and cast films. We manufacture white masterbatches containing up to 75% titanium dioxide content in them. We also manufacture white masterbatches in accordance with the requirement of the customers.

Featured Products

Anti Block Master Batches-Anti Block Masterbatches is made by several kinds of high effect special additives to mix together and through specific technical process. It is used for PP and PE products. This kind of masterbatch can improve the products Anti-block property, and the lubricant property.

Anti-block master batches reduce the adhesion effect of plastic products distinctly. It also acts as lubricant during the machining process. More importantly when the ratio is suitable, it will not affect the transparency of the product.

PP Transparent Masterbatches -Polyproylene transparent masterbatches are mainly put into use for half-crystallized resins, especially polypropylene resin. The masterbatch improve the resin transparency and mechanical property to greatly improve the productivity, reduce cost and enlarge the application scale for resin.