Product Intro

CP Metalmould is committed to offer high quality rotational molding moulds. We have been fabricating moulds for customers around the region for almost 3 decades. We provide variety of mould such as water tanks up to 100,000 liter, septic tanks, road safety, playground, insulation ice box and containers, IBC flexi totes, marina floats, industrial products and custom made. New product developments together with clients to fulfil customer’s ideas/imaginations to turn into reality is our specialty. Together with nowdays computer drawing software such like CAD/CAM, 3D Graphic System we can offer all kinds of rotational molding molds.

Design & Engineering Services

Beginning a new project starts with a solid design concept. Our in-house Design & Engineering department will help to advise and to manage your project all the way to a produced rotomolded part.

Whether your project is a rough idea or a 3D model, we believe in developing a partnership early on with the customer and strive to reduce lead times and so both parties benefit from rotational molding.

Mould Design

Using latest computer aided drawing (CAD) software to create the mould model. Offer the parting lines for customer to approve. From model to final inspection, every step must meet our stringent quality standards.

Mould Fabrication Process

  • Flat sheet metal will be cut to the required size by Sheer Cutting machine or Plasma Cutting Equipment. Dimension control is important to ensure final product quality.
  • Bending or Pressing machine is use to bend and form the sheet metal to accurate edges and to the required radii. We employ more bending process to reduce the welding processes thus to minimize weld line and reduce warpage to the final parts.
  • Rolling process is to roll the metal flat sheet or pipe into cylindrical and round shape components, mostly for making mould bodies and edges of the mould.
  • Shaping Forming or Assembling all the above metal components together by MIG, TIG Argon and CO2 welding processes. Dimensional control is the most important during this stage will be continuously taking place throughout the mould assembly process to ensure mould accuracy.
  • Grinding & Polishing will be the finest part of the mould making process to determine how good is the final product surface and the smoothness.














Mould Base Mounting and Install Mould Clamp System

Mold base mounting is an essential to the operation of the mould and protecting the metal / aluminum body from distortion and parting line wear. Our mounting department and the engineering staff design each mould base specifically suite the customer’s rotomoulding machine and the moulding environment which it will be ran.

Mould Trial Run

Upon request from the customer, we also could arrange the mould trial run upon completed fabrication to final check the moulded article before ship out the completed mould to the clients.